About Concordia Digital™

We've spent the last 6 years perfecting the art of social engineering threat mitigation. Here you'll learn who we help, what we do, our mission, & our story

Who We Help

We help business owners who are looking to provide a more safe and secure future for their company. Our clients know that cybersecurity is a lurking threat on the horizon, but don't know exactly how to tackle the problem. That's where we come in!

What We Do

We provide the necessary accommodations to business owners looking to secure their most dangerous security element; the human. We do this by providing them with a series of hands-off solutions designed to mitigate the human element in the most cost effective and timely way. Our services aim to provide business owners with peace of mind knowing their biggest cyber threat is being mitigated without adding any additional policies, meetings, or efforts onto their plate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow business owners to minimize the human risk in any business effortlessly. This occurs when a founder is able to confidently say they are safer than the average company without any involvement in the process.

Our Story

Part 1: University

It started back in 2018 when I, (Daymion Alvarez), graduated high school and decided to go to university. I grew up around computers and always had a passion for technology, so I decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science. That lasted only one semester before I realized programming wasn't exactly my passion, but rather technology as a whole.

I switched my degree from Computer Science to Information Technology with a certificate in Cybersecurity. I grew more adept to Cybersecurity topics and eventually graduated in the top of my class in 2022.

Part 2: Internship

The first "real world" experience I had came in the fall semester of my senior year at Central Michigan University. I landed an Information Security Engineer internship at Jack Henry & Associates, a financial technology company with over 7500 employees. I finished my degree the following semester and started the internship immediately following graduation. It was during this internship that I was exposed to the inner workings of a functioning Security Awareness program primarily focused on securing the internal human element.

Part 3: Full-Time Employment

I worked through Jack Henry's 10-week internship program and was eventually offered full-time employment in August of 2022. It was at this point when I fully took over the Security Awareness program and managed the intricate ins-and-outs of managing the human element of their massive enterprise. I was elected "point-person" for all things Security Awareness related, and managed the internal social engineering mitigation program.

During my tenure at Jack Henry, I was able to successfully decrease the internal social engineering risk score from 30.9% in July of 2022 to a mere 1.5% in September of 2023. I was also able to bring the internal malicious communication reporting score from just 7.5% to a staggering 40.5% during the same time frame. I was internally praised greatly for my concentrated efforts, but I knew there had to be a way to make a bigger impact.

Part 4: Concordia Digital

Fast forward to December of 2023 - I decided to launch Concordia Digital, a company devoted to impacting organizations in the same manner I did at Jack Henry. Leveraging the skills and experience learned at my time working at Jack Henry, I decided to start helping business owners across the world secure the most dangerous element in their companies - the human element. Today, our aim is to help as many businesses as possible feel more safety and security in their companies knowing that their most dangerous threat is being taken care of by a team of dedicated experts.

Contacting Us

If you'd like to contact us, it's [email protected]

You can reach out to Daymion Alvarez across all social medias using the icons below 👇🏼